Comic review: THE ISLAND

This week, I want to tell you about a new sci-fi and fantasy magazine called THE ISLAND, edited by Brandon Graham and Emma Rios, and put out by Image Comics.

Yep, a sci-fi collection. The concept has an old-timey feel to me (and that’s a good thing). In short, comics anthologies have not been common in this new century. There are many notable exceptions, including my favorite KRAMERS ERGOT. But none, as far as I know, with a sci-fi theme.

So, a nostalgic feelnig for sure, but with the superstar artist editors, this magazine of course features the BEST in CURRENT comics and illustration. The layouts are stunning, beginning the issue with a gorgeous, 6-page wordless future landscape story. Also featured are mummies who eat donuts and drink coffee (or try), and body-swapping.

Some are one-offs, some are serialized: longer stories that are divided up over many issues. I’m hooked, wondering if this is the start of something enduring. I hope so.

Issue #2 is out today, and we also still have a few copies of #1 at RED SKY COMICS.

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Graphic novel review: THE DIVINE

Hi folks, my name is Elaine and I’ve been publishing comics reviews on Red Sky’s facebook page for about a year now. Now that we have a website, I will also be publishing that content here. I hope you enjoy reading them half as much as I do writing them.

This week I immediately read, cover-to-cover, this new graphic novel THE DIVINE. This thing goes down smooth. It is an awesome force of creativity and artistic skill, and an homage to Japanese mythology. Set in a fictional Asian country, this tale about the god of the mountain is also sharply realistic and modern. Yeah, it actually pulls all of that off. Not to be missed. -Elaine

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Shop closed Sunday, 8/9/15

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Hi folks, Red Sky Comics will be traveling to STOCKTON-CON this coming Sunday, 8/9/15. The shop will be closed that day. Apologies for the inconvenience. See you at the con!

We will be bringing a great collection of books that we have either supported on Kickstarter, or are otherwise independent and not available through normal distributors. We are proud of our commitment to supporting independent and emerging artists, especially those local to the central valley.

We support local artists by stocking their books, and also by hosting shows during Merced’s quarterly ART HOP- a downtown art event in the evenings. If you are a local artist with comic sensibilities, please get in touch with us to discuss showing your work.

Thanks, The Red Sky Team

Thank you so much for your patience.

After a few years in limbo, we are pleased to present our new website for Red Sky Comics; the central valley’s best selection of comics and graphic novels, as well as gaming spot for Magic: The Gathering and tabletop games. Here, you can find several features to keep you updated on what’s going on in the shop, including;

our NEW RELEASES tab: a weekly-updated list of all the new comicbook titles available in the shop each Wednesday (which is new comicbook day, each week)

EVENTS CALENDAR: to keep you up to date on when we are playing Magic, or hosting Demo Day– where we present the newest in tabletop gaming for you to try out, or when there are events in downtown Merced that we participate in, such as Art Hop. And, of course, Free Comicbook Day in May, as well as it’s sister event, Halloween Comicfest in October

and our VISIT US tab: where we will keep you updated on our seasonal hours changes.

You, our loyal customers, are what is most important to us. Please let us know, by email or in person, what features you would like to see here, on our facebook page, or any special requests you have of us at the shop. We pride ourselves on going out of our way to find you what you need, and on keeping up the central valley’s best selection of books. Thanks again for sticking with us. We are privileged to continue serving you in the years to come.