We’ve Moved!

Due to the downtown renovations, we have been forced to relocate our business. We have settled into a spot in the Olive Avenue area, near Merced High School. We are very happy with our new location, a newer building, and have also been able to update our look. Come visit us in the same shopping center as Bagel Tyme. Our new address is 3040 Park Avenue, Suite A.

We still host D+D games and other events. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated.

We are also happy to announce that we offer discounts to subscription holders. If you have ever thought about subscribing to comic titles, special ordering graphic novels as they are announced, pre-ordering POP vinyls so that you never miss out, or ordering from the PREVIEWS catalog, and therefore getting the scoop on all the books, toys and games that are coming out in the future, you should come talk to us about what it takes to get a subscription box! You may be eligible for discounts. Let’s talk!

Thanks for supporting local business. It is vital to our community. Have a great day!